Skin Desease

Acne Vulgalis

(Commonly called acne) Acne is most commonly caused by the change in the hair follicles and sebaceous glands (Oil glands). The oil glands overproduces sebum (oil) so the oil clogs the pores causing “acne”. Acne affects over 80 % of teenagers.

Cold Sores

is a skin infection caused by the virus. The symptom is a fluid filled blister.  It can be triggered by stress and sun and it can be contagious.


a skin inflammation, causing the skin redness and itching. It can make people feel uncomfortable.


is a rash which is common for baby or young skin. Skin becomes dry, crack and itchy which makes people want to scratch. It is inflammatory.


is a serious contagious infection caused by bacteria. The infection is inflamed blisters that pop and form crusts. Scratching can spread the infection. The kids often most get infection from the school. Treatment options include antibiotic cream or tablets.


begins as erythema (red & flushing) on the center face across the cheeks & nose. The other symptom can also progress  as the dilation of blood vessels on the face, small bumps and pustules. Rosacea is more common in woman and reaches the peak from 30 to 60 years of age.