Baby Skin Care

Baby skin is very delicate. It is thinner, more fragile and less oily than adult skin. It is easily to get irritate to bacteria and harmful substances in the environment. Baby skin care needs to be safe, hypoallergenic and aroma-free.

Organic product is safe for baby skin because it does not contain chemicals e.g. paraben preservatives, chemical fragrances that irritate the baby skin and causes rashes. Organic product uses the natural preservatives from plants as well as natural smell from essential oils.

The baby product that is constantly used is talc powder. It is used to treat diaper rash. However, talc powder can irritate the skin. Bentonite clay, chamomile and cornstarch is recommended by the doctors to treat diaper rash. In addition, baby oil is marketed for massaging your baby. However, most baby oils are made from petrochemicals. Natural baby skin care oils are made from nuts or aloe or chamomile, which is great for irritation and inflammation.