Our Company

Who Are We?

Founded in 1993, Lanopearl has since established itself as a respected Australian company focused on the manufacture and distribution of high-quality skincare products and vitamins. We cater to both the Australian and International Market, exporting to over 30 countries around the globe and achieving market leadership in Asia. We have five established brands: Lanopearl Bio Peak Skincare, Mt. Retour Certified Organic, Rebirth Skincare, Purarose and Life Spring Vitamins.

Many of our products contain natural ingredients found in abundance throughout Australia containing unrivaled healing and rejuvenating properties. From which these potent herbal extracts, combined with the latest cutting-edge technology that enables our products to reach a unique and unrivaled edge.

At Lanopearl, a holistic approach to health and beauty is our guiding force. As such, our extensive range covers every aspect of health and wellbeing from massage oils through to aromatherapy. We follow the ‘Triangle of Life’ philosophy whereby we believe wellbeing is a combination of happiness, love, and health.

Our Symbol of Success

Shell. Shells are amazing structures: They are strong, compact and light. They provide a home, a shield from the elements and a form of protection for the occupant. Just like a shell, our company and products follow the same structure: strong, solid and joie de vivre.


Our philosophy

We thrive on a unique corporate culture, which demands that we think and act with special care toward our customers, business partners, associates, and suppliers. Our culture is based on the principles of mutuality, responsibility, quality, and value. We honor the basic truth that if quality and value are offered, support and ultimate success will come in return.


Lanopearl today and tomorrow

Growth is the goal of any world-class business. Growth is wonderful, it creates opportunities, it is the fertile soil in which ideas flourish, and it attracts investments, talent and generates energy. Our mission is to grow our brands, volume, market share and shareholder value; Today, Tomorrow and into the Future.

The key to accelerating the growth of Lanopearl is clear. It rests on our ability to attract new consumers to our brand and to entice our existing consumers to continue supporting the Lanopearl brand with greater frequency. Our demand and understanding for exceptional consumer insights to a larger share of the cake over competitor brands. It also demands a common understanding of what drives that growth:

A fierce commitment to learn from other market experience and a shared commitment to consistently excellent execution.

Lanopearl is a unique, distinctive brand and with the right effort behind proven initiatives, we will bring Lanopearl to new heights and truly make a difference to consumers who choose our products.


Quality Guarantee From Lanopearl

All products produced by Lanopearl are made from the very finest of raw materials, carefully sourced both locally and abroad. Imported raw materials are subjected to quarantine by the Customs Office on entry to Australia and only released after passing stringent and finite testing.

All Life Spring Vitamins have Aust L registration and are listed with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration. Life Spring Vitamins also undergoes heavy metal testing and biological testing from external facilities. Stability testing is carried out periodically to ensure the guaranteed shelf life of the products.

Rebirth and Lanopearl creams and skincare products have been developed by a team of research experts and are subjected to a rigid system of quality control, ensuring consistently high standards are maintained in the production of each and every product. The products are hygienically packed in top quality containers bringing the very best end product to the consumer.