Lanopearl donates 1 % of total profit to charity and non-profit organization per annum:

The charity will be mainly for these three objectives :

  1. To support AIDS and cancer organization
  2. To support heath education
  3. To preserve the environment by reducing global warming

AIDS and cancer organization

Lanopearl aims to raise awareness of HIV infection and chance of having cancer, especially for breast and skin cancer. In addition, Lanopearl supports funding for research and medical into both prevention and cure of disease. We also facilitate the consumer participation into our work. Example includes supporting the non-profit organization to run the workshop about how to educate customers to look after themselves to prevent any forms of cancer, how to do simple self-health check, breast self-exam, how to protect skin from the sun etc.

Health Education

Lanopearl aims to provide education to people in regards to health check and travel issue in relation to infectious disease. Customers can click through localhost/lanopearl/ to read information about health and beauty tips to maintain their vitality in any age. Internally, Lanopearl also support staffs to pursue their education on their health and beauty interest e.g. short / vocational course.

Global Warming

Lanopearl aims to increase public awareness about the huge impact of global warming. We also support funding on scientific research to plan to preserve environment from climate change. Lanopearl also takes a simple action to protect the globe by having a day-off to plant trees in Blue Mountains as well as educating staffs about global warming so they can take actions on a daily basis e.g. save water and fuel consumption.